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1.1 Dyarubbin at Durumbuluwa (Joy Lai) hi res.jpg


Dyarubbin at Durumbuluwa, Sackville (Joy Lai)

Welcome to Dyarubbin: The Real Secret River, a project that takes you on a journey through Darug and Darkinjung Country on Dyarubbin, the Hawkesbury River in New South Wales, Australia.

This mysterious, beautiful and historic river flows through the vast arc of sandstone Country surrounding the city and suburbs of Sydney.

Dyarubbin has been home to Aboriginal people for at least 50,000 years.

This website is a portal to Darug and Darkinjung place names, culture, history and stories. You’ll find links to our Digital Story Map, essays, stories, exhibitions, podcasts and programs as well as profiles of the researchers involved in the project.

We invite you to travel down the river and immerse yourself in another world: the world of Darug and Darkinjung Dyarubbin, still present in earth, stone and flowing water, in people, culture and Language.

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